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A3 Applied Analysis Team

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The scientific expertise of the A3 team covers a broad field of applied analysis, from theoretical aspects to applications. The research themes are articulated around 3 main directions that can be combined in the study of multidisciplinary problems.

  1. The mathematical analysis of PDEs : elliptical and parabolic nonlinear PDEs, through the study of the geometrical properties of solutions, the calculation of variations, the analysis of varieties ; hyperbolic PDEs and in particular the diffusive-dispersive perturbation limits of conservation laws ; dynamic systems in infinite dimension and particularly damped dispersive wave equations.
  2. Numerical analysis and scientific computation : in numerical linear algebra (preconditioning, inverse problems, systems of nonlinear equations) ; in solving PDE (multigrid methods, domain decomposition, finite volumes) ; in Optimization, data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (machine learning).
  3. Mathematical and numerical modeling and applications : shallow water (Saint-Venant, KdV) ; physics of vesicle (deformation, viscosity) ; ecology (plant epidemiology, biological invasions, environmental acoustics) ; medicine (biological membranes, liver and ENT cancers) ; battery (phase fields, performance models).


List of team members

Team leader : Youcef Mammeri

We are members of the GDR CALVA, EDP, Mamovi, Mascot-NUM.

Seminar and WG
The seminar meets every Monday at 10:30 am.

The working group takes place some Mondays at 9:30 am.


The A3 team has focused on developing multidisciplinary projects that have led to long-lasting collaborations resulting in funded projects, valorization of students (M2, PhD, post-doctorate) and scientific papers. Past and current collaborations have solicited local partnerships with the University Hospital (treatment of primary liver cancer, prognosis of ENT cancers, Covid-19), EDYSAN (biological invasions), LPMC (vesicle dynamics, blood viscosity) the LRCS (battery simulation), the LTI (optimization of energy networks). Nationally, we are working with LIPhy (vesicle dynamics), IGEPP (plant epidemiology), and INERIS (environmental pollution).


The Applied Analysis team is involved in the supervision of the
Master 2 Applied Analysis and Modeling, and the Master in Complex Systems Engineerings of the University of Picardie Jules Verne of Amiens.


  • University of Monastir : PHC projects, PhD co-supervision
  • FST Marrakech - FS Fez : PHC projects, CIMPA school, PhD co-supervision
  • Politecnico di Milano - Università di Milano Statale : PHC projects, PICS, AMARENA days, PhD co-supervision
  • CAMGSD Lisbon : PICS projects, CIMPA and SEAMS schools, PhD co-supervision
  • BITS Pilani - IIT Roorkee (India) : IFCAM project and WAMS school
  • UP Diliman - Caraga State University (Philippines) : Phil-France projects, CIMPA and SEAMS school, PhD co-supervision
  • Lebanese University : PHC project, PhD co-supervision
  • University of Miskolc (Hungary) : PHC projects

A few recent publications