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Dynamical systems, Probability, Arithmetic (SYMPA) team

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Research themes

The research themes of the SYMPA team are centered around Dynamical systems, Ergodic theory, Probability and Arithmetic. Here is a more detailed description :

  • combinatorics of words, Bratelli diagrams
  • Cantor minimal systems, dynamics of aperiodic tilings, quasi-cristals
  • complex dynamics of one and several variables, arithmetics and geometry in the parameter spaces
  • Hamiltonian systems, geodesic and zero entropy flows
  • dynamical systems on the interval, statistical properties of g-measures
  • integer valued polynomials (generalised Bhargava factorials, Pólya-Ostrowski group, Mahler series, integer functions with moderate growth, theorems a la Pólya-Gelfand)
  • p-adic dynamical systems
  • multifractal analysis of dynamical systems, Hausdorff dimension of exceptional sets

The team organises a seminar whih takes place every Tuesday at 2pm.

Members list

Rapports d’activité

En 2009 Probabilités et Théorie Ergodique et Théorie des nombres.
En 2006 Probabilités et Théorie Ergodique.
En 2004 Probabilités et Théorie Ergodique.