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Some recent talks

  • July, 14th, 2021: Encontro Nacional da Societade Portugesa da Matematica at parallel session Conservative PDEs and applications (online talk).
  • October 15-18, 2020, Colloque Analyse Appliquée et Modélisation 15-18 octobre 2020, Monastir (Tunisie) à la mémoire d'Ezzeddine Zahrouni flyer CANCELLED
  • January, 10th, 2020: Nonlinear PDEs and related Topics, January 9-10, 2020, Universita della Calabria, Rende (CS); org. Luigi Montoro and Bernardino Sciunzi, flyer "Damping, Stabilization and Numerical Filtering" (invited talk)
  • May 21, 2019, talk at Mathematics seminar of the Université de Reims, "(very) weakly damped Waves equations"
  • January, 7th, 2019: A two-days PDE event January 7-8, 2019, Universita degli Studi, Milano; org. Serena Dipierro and Enrico Valdinoci flyer (invited talk)
  • July, 9th, 2018: minisymposium talk at the Congress of SPM (Sociedade Portugesa da Matemática) in Braganca Link
  • May, 16th, 2018: JIM 2018 (Amiens) link invited talk, "Fourier en musique"
  • May, 3-4th, 2018 AMARENA DAYS (UPJV) link
  • February, 19th, 2018, Seminar at EDYSAN LAB (UPJV) link, "Continuum Modeling: Numerical schemes for linear & nonlinear reaction/diffusion systems, Phase Fields Models. Mathematical Setting"
  • December, 8th, 2017, Seminar at LAMA (Chambery), "Stabilized schemes for dissipatives equations: the finite elements case"
  • Sept 2017, SiMBioS School , Universidade da Madeira, September 11-15, 2017
    Stochastic and Deterministic Mathematical Methods for Biological and Environmental Systems: Theory Applications, link
  • January 2017, Seminar at LAMFA (A3), "Stabilized schemes for dissipatives equations: the finite differences case"
  • November 2016, talk at Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications (NL2A), CIRM, Luminy link, "Stabilized schemes for dissipatives equations: the finite differences case"
  • July 2016, Minisymposium talk at the Congress of SPM (Setubal, Portugal), "(very) weakly damped KdV equations" Link
  • July 2016, Lectures at BATMAN summer school, AMIENS, Link
  • May 2016, Seminar talk at PDE Seminar (calais), "(very) weakly damped KdV equations"
  • May 2016, Invited Meeting talk at Linear algebra (Calais), "Conditioning and Preconditioning in the Cone of SPD matrices"
  • March 2016, Seminar talk at Poitiers, "(very) weakly damped KdV equations"
  • December 2015 Talk at Closing meeting of Maimonide PHC project (Paris), "(very) weakly damped KdV equations"
  • July 2015, Seminar at LAMA (Chambery), "(very) weakly damped KdV equations"
  • February 2015, Seminar talk at Groupe de travail (A3, LAMFA), "régularisation de Tikhonov"
  • June 2014, talk at Journée mathématique d'Amiens, "La méthode de Newton en Analyse numérique"
  • April 2014, Seminar talk at ONERA Chatillon, "Enrichissements de factorisations LU incompletes et applications"
  • June 2013, Session talk at Preconditioning 2013, Oxford, UK
  • November 2012, Seminar at Politecnico di Milano, Italy "Damped KdV Equations"
  • January 2012, Seminar at Politechnique Tunis, Tunisia, "Damped KdV Equations"
  • May 2011, Session talk at Preconditioning 2011, Bordeaux, France